A variety of pictorial styles in portrait image (Pictures and sketches of portraits from Gallery collection).

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The appearance of the photo and then the appearance of digital visual technology influenced the change of genres in the art of painting, forced to look for new visual techniques. Innovations take place in the portrait genre. Illusionistic image of various material forms of the face: eyes, nose, mouth, eyebrows. Their exact display is replaced by a metaphorical image consisting of colorful stains. There is a variety of picturesque stylistics that define the imagery of contemporary art.

The image in the form of color stains of a clear geometrical form is often approached to ornamental-abstract expressiveness. The second version of the image gravitates to the transmission of forms, facial features system of visual spots-tags that mimic the image of the eye, nose, mouth. There is a special pictorial structure that does not show the structure of the depicted person. The image of the portrait here Expresses «similarity: the new figurative grammar, similar to the Lykami Kinakris, which are the spectator in the form of special artistic images-not specific women and not psychological characters Kinnoscenaria, and Artistic «gap» between them.

The presented collection of picturesque portraits shows tendencies of search in the image of the person in modern art.

Vitaly Grimakov.

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