Artist Ekaterina Podkolzina

International Art Foundation and Moscow Association IHF represent the project «The History of Russia in In the framework of which there are exhibitions of works of the artist, member of IHF and Catherine Podkolziina. We can talk about similar projects as a phenomenon Moral order reflecting the resurgent in Russia in recent years Tendencies of convergence of technocratic, commercially oriented life State and the culture of his spiritual creative life.

The main goal of the project is to create an image collection Historical figures of Russia and our contemporaries-representatives of culture, of science, leading statesmen (pictorial, graphic, sculptural, Monumental-ornamental)-reflects the significant in the broad socio-cultural Context of the subject: personality in its correlation with the world, personality as a phenomenon Public order.

Here the outstanding individual meets with the actual Social and generates a special qualitative phenomenon that is no longer confined to the The original components. Of course, every person exists and can be Understood by artistic means in the context of its social being, but Personality historical-state husband, scientist, actor-interesting for A person with a developed artistic consciousness all the more. Such a person is not just Product history and bearer of its distinctive features, it is the source, the substance History, her thought and deed. The most complex, worthy task of the artist- To feel and to embody in work this internal multisignificance of a theme in Complex of its aesthetic social, ethical measurements.

One can say historical personality-Quintessence Embodiment of the idea of integrity in the portrait art, and in this sense Monumentality, all the fullness of the inner and outer life of every human Individuality and society as a whole.

It was this topic that became central in the creation of E. Berg. The orientation of her comprehension was the search for clarity, perfection of form and adequate means to express the knowledge about the model that wants to convey in the work Artist.

In his creative work E. Podkolzina Guided by the desire Create in each portrait a special concentrated space in which Her character, find and embody the visual concept that organizes the Representation of her as the author of the holistic image of the portrait. The The artist encodes the sutheean aspect, the fundamental quality of the personality, Whose portrait is created.

Every work of the artist is a special creative act, intensive Immersion into the complex relationship of the Triad «artist-portrait- Life. » So the closeness of the main idea, the concept of works creates a common The whole series of portraits of the author, and the differences in the technique of its embodiment in the Each particular case gives a series of rhythmic heterogeneity and Ambiguity, space for the creative perception of the spectator. Leading «Character» works of Catherine Podkolziina-the ideological space, Space laws and principles of life in its broadest sense.

The possibility of knowing the inner world of another person, To correlate the processes of its internal life and their manifestation in concrete, A rich source of discovery of new means, ways of transferring of the work, original technical finds.

E. Podkolzina, in her figurative expression, and the author, and Screenwriter and director of his pictorial works. Her characters live in the proposed Her atmosphere, born in the synthesis of the artist's impressions of the personality Portraits, movements of her inner life and impressions of her creative Manifestations in the external, historical world.

Thus, in the portrait People's Artist of Russia J. P. Karachentsova (1996) manifested perceived Artist's relationship with the actor's personality, his life and the experience he creates in Image of the stage character from the performance «Juno and AVAs». Unusual Composition complex light-color fabric work in which the rhythms are woven Performance and motion of life of the actor, are designed to convey the whole gamut of emotional and Semantic relationships in a holistic manner.

A portrait of an architect is close

A.S. Kossinskogo (1999)-the idea of architect and Impression of the architectural objects created by him, the holistic perception of Man and his creativity. Idealism, monumentality in portrait-decoding His inner world in conjunction with the outer world.

Content saturation, idealism inherent each work E. Berg. Primordial
In the fabric of fine works of philosophical and psychological level Distinguishes portraits of people's Artist of Russia G. L. Bortnikov (1999), Folk Artist of Russia I. I. Alferova (2000), the people's Artist of Russia V.A. Steglov (2001).

Features of personality and outlook of the actress, beauty I. I. Alferova, intimate depths of female essence are revealed in a portrait through Image of a beautiful pearl in pearl sink. The character lives in the atmosphere Works A. Green, the atmosphere of waiting for a miracle, magic, and we as spectators Become a part of this world.

The idea of the portrait of V.A. Stehlov arose in connection with the fact Biography of the actor-preparation for flight into space. Warm ground and cold The cosmos, combined in composition, leave an uncertain sense of anxiety and At the same time bring penetration into the essence of the acting profession-research Space of the human soul, which is quite comparable to the real physical Space.

Creative landmarks of the artist E. Podkolziina-Aspiration to Maximum concentration of information in a holistic manner, refinement and completeness Form-Give the painting the features of monumental art.

The distinctive property of Catherine Podkolziina as a human and The artist-a single rod of inner strength and strength, vitality and Shrill talent.

Art critic Daria Bereznaya

  • N. P. Karachentsov (1996)-People's Artist of Russia
  • S. Boina (1995)-Honored worker of culture
  • Inna Ageyev (1993)-Actress of the theatre-cabaret «bat Mouse
  • Marina Sukhov (1994)-Actress of the theatre on Raushskaya «
  • And. And. Alferova (2000)-Honored artist of Russia
  • G. L. Bortnikov (1999)-People's Artist of Russia
  • A. S. Kossinsky (1999)-Architectural Workshop
  • N. B. Nikogosyan (2000)-sculptor, painter, academician of RAH
  • B. A. Stelov (2001)-People's Artist of Russia
  • Dasha Gosse (1993)-Linguist
  • In the. In the. Narcisses (1993)-historian, employee
  • State Treet of the Yamakovo Gallery
  • Parvina (2000)-Candidate of medical sciences in Bangladesh

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