Exhibition of Svetlana Kalistratova «invariants. The intersections. «


From 7 to 10 February in gallery A3 of the Association «exhibition Halls of Moscow» – exhibition project of Moscow artist Svetlana Kalistratova «invariants and intersec
tions» the author explores complex combinations of different topological spaces, analyzing them The most general and fundamental features. In the center of creative attention of the artist are numerous and infinitely diverse objects of the surrounding world, their evolution. Research and analysis of properties and main features of different spaces and their intersections. The artist's attempt to break through the horizon of events and scenic means to overcome the powerful forces of gravity, reliably guarding the mysterious black holes of the universe from human cognition. As a result, some creative hypotheses are formed about the physical and spiritual processes occurring in the realms of the universe. Be
fore the viewer's eyes-artistic compositions, representing a kind of formulas of the world, carrying in itself the regularities of its and development. The exhibition is open till
February 10. On February 10, 2019,

in 12.00, a transdisciplinary conference with international participation will be held within the framework of the exhibition: «Force field of science and art as a resource of development».

The program of the C

onference: Musical I
ntroduction: Anatoly Kleimenov, tenor, head of the studio of academic vocal of Moscow Polytec

hnic. R
eports: Ilya Volnov, Ph.D., acting Dean of the Engineering School (faculty) of Moscow Polytechni
c. Science-Art as a technology of thinki

ng «Malinetsky Georgy Gennadevich, D. F-M. N., Prof., head of the Department of modeling of nonlinear processes of the Institute of Applied Mathematics named after M.V. Keldya RAS. B
eauty, harmony, future» Kalistra

tova Svetlana Nikolaevna, Ph.D., artist, member of Moskh and Creative Union of artists of Russia. Invariants and
Science-Art «Zarfullin Pavel V

jacheslávovich, Russian politician and statesman, director of» center of Lev Gumilev «. Russia 2077 «Lukovnikova Natalia Mikhail
ova, the head

of the project» Socionics «, the director of the Center of Scientific and Technological foresight of the University of Itmo. Poetics as a thread of Mya
tionworlds Boris Yurievich, c

omposer, pianist, conductor, music producer, Sound engineer, musicologist, publisher. To the question of transcendence and vir
tualization of Music» Tyarina Anastasia, PhD, Griffith Univers

ity (Australia), associate professor of Niu Miet, member of the Union of Artists of the Russian Federation, member of the Union of Designers
of the Russian Federation. Visualization beyond the visible: from scientific photography to artistic, with the help of scanning electron mic

roscope» Koriva-Chaeva Irina, member of the Association of Art critics, expert of the National Union of Experts, employee of the state Tretyakov Gallery. Port
rait in the epoch of postbiology»

Drozdov Marina Anatolyevna, associate professor of the Chair of special piano in Ram im. Gnesinyh
«Some analogies in music and painting»,

Elena Gennadyevna, Ph.D., psychiatrist, psychotherapist, assistant professor of psychiatry, Narcology and Psychotherapy Fnmo Rudn. In
tegration of creativity of the artist and the poet in psychotherapeutic pr

ocess» Voronovsky Eugene, the composer, sound-artist, the teacher of the British Higher School of Design on technology and conceptualis
ation of sound. Conservative avant-garde a

nd cyber-activism» Rekhovskih Irina Ilyinichna, art critic, curator of contemporary art projects, head of the museum Department of the National Research Center «Kurchatov Institute
«. New Museum life of Science artifacts»