Vasily Bychkov: «We have two playgrounds instead of one cdhh»

Fairs and galleries move to the Gostiny Dvor and to the «New Tsdkh» at «Paveletskaya», where the exhibition of Andy Worholatatiana Markon 18 February 2019330 will be opened at the end of April.

Vasily Bychkov. Photo: Central House of the artist

Collectors Forum and salon «old paper» (to be held from March 5 to 10) will be the latest events related to the art market in the central House of artists. The building, which housed dozens of antique galleries and held the main art fairs in Moscow, from April 1 passes the State Tretyakov Gallery. However, the director of the CSO and the head of the company «Expo-Park. Exhibition Projects» Vasily Bychkov found the whole two exits from the situation.

Atrium of the Gostarnogo Dvor. Photo: «Trading house Marquee»

The building of the Central House of the artist belonged to the International Confederation of Artists ' unions, which arranged exhibitions of its members and leased to galleries and fairs. ICx has been eliminated. What does that mean?

When two years ago there were claims to the International Confederation, the property of which was the CDHH, I immediately began to think what to do with all this. First of all, I cared for my projects: antique salons, fair non/Fiction, «Arkh Moscow». But did not forget about the rest: galleries (and 25), shops, kiosks, bagetnye workshops-only 65 sublease. I came to the Department of Culture of the city of Moscow with a complex proposal: let me in Manege with the exhibition «Arch Moscow» and international art Salon RAAF, and I will bring you tenants working in the field of culture, for 3.5 thousand. m. The Gostiny Dvor was immediately presented to me as a place where all this could be accommodated. In the summer he was ordered by the mayor that «art galleries from the CDHH will be placed in the Gostok Dvor». The creation of a gallery center is the first step in transforming the Gostora Dvor into a cultural cluster. The department wants it to become one of the biggest in Europe.

Forum Hall. Photo:

Tell us how you see it.

It's a luxurious place. Architecture of Quarengi, scale. The exhibition area of the atrium is 12 thousand. Sq. m. Now we have a project of compact placement of galleries, blocks, on the third level, but it is still necessary to work on it. Therefore, so far we have taken what they give: on the second level, above the atrium, where the entrance is directly from Ilinka. It turned out to sit down all more or less kuno. There will be a gallery of Elena Zenina, gallery «gala», Salon «your antique» Mikhail Zapkina, gallery «Russian avant-garde 1910 – 1930» by Anatoly Borovkova, gallery «Karshidi-art», «art-Soyuz» by Inna Hegai. Here is my office with a magnificent view of the Zarye. The main tenant will be the fund of art projects support, it also performs the function of the operator. The floor above will be located architectural club, next-several design studios. We think with Boris Kupriyanov (publisher and publicist, one of the co-founders of the bookstore «Falanster«. —TANR) How to make a block from the book shops. Dmitry Yitzkovich (President of the Ogi Group of companies. -TANR) is going to make on the ground floor of a rymobar or an anti-café. At the level of the Atrium Vladimir Ovcharenko wants to open a gallery of modern art as much as 600 square meters. m.

Opening of the CDCH. 1979. Photo: «Exhibition Association» Central House of Artists «Ltd.

When will all this open?

The first, in the 20-th of March, will open the gallery «Karsheidi-art», in the middle of April-another six galleries, the architectural club, the bookshop «cult goods», the Agency for Cultural tourism. If by the end of the year the case will go well, it is possible to the premises on the third level, where once there were classes of music school named after the Gnesinyh, another 18 galleries to invite.

Besides, I really want to arrange the exhibition space at the level of the atrium, there are about 450 sq. m. M for exhibitions. Let's call it the exhibition hall of the International Confederation of Antiques and art dealers. We will hold auctions, collectible and gallery exhibitions there. But in general I am not sure that in the present conditions it is possible to create a cultural cluster on a commercial basis, without the support of the city. The place is, of course, luxurious, but it is costly.

How will the central part of the Gostnyy Dvor be used?

The Gostarnogo Dvor already has its own, well-established program. This is the fair Cosmoscow, two seasonal exhibitions of real estate (they were formerly also held in the CDHH, it is good for both architectural and antique pool), two Moscow fashion weeks… At the end of November there will be a large antique salon, right after it-fair of intellectual literature non/fiction.

But if we talk only about the Gostadnom Dvor, much of what was in the CDC, is behind the scenes. First of all, artists, for whom it is fundamentally important to sometimes see themselves on the wall. Second-on the street there are many small tenants, shop «Red pencil», bagetnye workshops. And the third-a whole list of projects that were held in the CDHH. Cultural or near-cultural. Such projects are a couple of dozen. There is also a collective of the Cdkh-worked professionals.

In November 1979, The Central House of Artists, erected on the means of the Union of Painters of the USSR, received the first visitors. Photo: «Exhibition Association» Central House of Artists «Ltd.

And what to do?

In the head. I'm taking a risk for this, and we're taking one more pad. This is «forum-hall» at «Paveletskaya», on Letnikovskaya Street (there was such a working-revolutionary Ivan Letnikov). It is a tannery, and the building, which is now attached to a huge modern visor, is a former tanning shop of leather manufactory. There's an incredible Art Deco interior in 1926! That is, we get a huge exhibition space in two floors; Still have one big hall where we are going to hold auctions, and galleries around. Almost all rooms have arrangements. The whole program is ready (here we will not be fussy, it is necessary to survive): and fairs of carpets, and medical congresses, our exhibition «Design and Advertising», the exhibition of retro cars, a salon of chocolate. We also hope for the imported entertainment shows. Flea markets, handicrafts. The same «primordial Russia» and a forum of collectors. The first event is already since April 26. Andy Warhol's exhibition at 3 thousand. Sq. m, prints and multimedia, with Western partners. And the place we want to call «new Cdkh».