Let them talk. Who is Malevich for you?

We asked art critics, participants of the international forum dedicated to the 140 anniversary of the creator of the «Black Square»: «Who for you Malevich and what for You» Malevich «as a phenomenon»? And also talked about the creativity of Jubilyara with children: Young art critics are no less serious!

The reform of classical thinking: The plot does not exist

Dmitry Gorbachev, professor, art critic, avant-garde researcher, consultant at Sotheby's and Christie's auction houses: — Malevich — a reformer who changed everything: from advertising, painting to film art. Supreativism is a total phenomenon that has had an impact on all. Abstronism is generally a salvation for many artists of the XX century. Before that they had to look at painting through the prism of literature: in the picture was to be a story. And it was distracting: then the plastic went to the second plan. Therefore already Cezanne, Impressionists did not pay story of paramount value. But the complete reform of classical thinking was made by Malevich. After it the plot does not exist, because the plot only interferes.

Kazimir Severinovich Malevich. A supreatitic composition with a strip in projection

A supreatitic composition with a strip in the projection of Kazimir Severinovich Malevich, 53.3 × 53 cm

A work of art must always be taken live

Christina Loder, professor of art history at Kent University, specialist in Constructivism, president of the Society of Malevich (London, UK):-The work «Black Square»-a brilliant creation. I remember when I first saw the original, not the reproduction. I immediately felt the handwriting of genius. I wanted to just sit and watch in front of this masterpiece. In this work the spirit and thinking of Malevich. Then I felt with special force that the work of art should always be taken live. It is first of all an object in which the power of the creator i
s felt. I remember once carefully considered the work of Malevich and even saw the imprint of the artist's finger. In such moments as if personal connection with the master is established. In addition, if you are studying the artist's work for a long time, you really begin to perceive it as a member of your family. Malevich is one of the best artists in the world for me.

Kazimir Severinovich Malevich. Black Supretic Square

Black Supreaticheskeski square Kazimir Malevich, 79.5 × 79.5 read Takzhevon Malevich, Forum, film. In Kiev celebrated the 140 anniversary of Kazimir Malevich

New opportunities and desire to create

Tatiana Filevskaya, co-founder and head of the Institute of Malevich, curator of the forum, art-manager (Kiev, Ukraine):-For me Kazimir Severinovich is a pride and honor from the realization of the idea that I was born with him in one city. He is really the most famous kievlyanin in the world. His work for me is always open questions that give rise to the desire to create, responding to them. It is a phenomenon in art that has changed the worldview and has added new opportunities to us.

Eternal mystery and eternal provocation

Vita Susak, Ph.D. in art, independent researcher, member of the Swiss Academic fellowship in Eastern Europe – SAGO (Zurich, Switzerland): — for me, Malevich is still an incomprehensible challenge in art, which may Will never be understood… So much courage in it. This is a very high level of theoretical thinking: its non-standard and paradoxical. But Malevich-a person who has not received higher education, but it was he who made the step forward, which could not solve people well-trained. All this causes the leech and the desire to always keep the distance: I can not explain what is much better, higher and smarter than me. In Malevich there is simplicity and genius. And it is unclear to the end: How did he do it? With a mockery or a mystical understanding of the connections with the upper forces? Therefore, it is an eternal mystery and an eternal provocation.

Kazimir Severinovich Malevich. Half female figure

Half of the female figure Kazimir Severinovich Malevich, 58 × 48 cm

Natural clarity and harmony

Sheng Shein, avant-garde specialist, member of the Board of the Harjiev Foundation (Amsterdam, the Netherlands): I'll tell you the story. I was 16 years old… Interest in art in me awakened a large exhibition Malevich in 1989. I heard many people say that «abstract art is nonsense», «my daughter will draw it.» I was just hooked. Because once gray people say it's something bad, it's probably very interesting!

Kazimir Severinovich Malevich. Supreativism (with eight rectangles)

And here in my hometown of Maastricht (it's in the south of Holland) in the poster shop I bought a placard from that exhibition. There was depicted the work of Malevich of 1915, the red rectangles. When I saw it, I realized that it was not a provocation, which I expected, and not nonsense. It's natural clarity. And this poster hung in my room, I loved looking at it because I felt peace and harmony. Malevich hoped that with the help of his paintings people will open themselves as part of the cosmos. And it is. Looking at his work really overcomes all material. It's something fantastic! This is… Like a tree. Like a mountain. No one needs to explain why they are beautiful.

New principles and a unique understandable language

Elena Borimskaya, author of the course of lectures about the vanguard, curator of the Forum, National Museum «Kiev Art Gallery» (Ukraine):

Elena Borimskaya, author of the course of lectures about the vanguard, curator of the exhibition «avant-garde: In Search of the fourth Dimension», the National Museum «Kiev Art Gallery» (Ukraine):-The way of outlook of Malevich has turned out in absolutely innovative artistic Thinking. It does not simply break stereotypes of former times and former artistic practice. He totally contradicts it. He brought everything new-new principles, new plastics, new thinking. Supreativism is not a style, not a direction. This is exactly what philosophy, the new modus of the life of all mankind. In his «Black square» is laid the innovative principle, which became the basis of all further art of XX and even XXI century: We depart from the way of visualization, existed till those times. We depart from the classical picture with its unity of action, place and time. The man of the beginning of XX century radically changed the picture of the world, and this is the merit of the avant-garde artists in Malevich personally. He worked out his unique language, which was understandable to everyone and on the basis of this language artists work today.

Kazimir Severinovich Malevich. Girls in the field

Girls in Polkazimir Severinovich malevicich1932, 106 × 125 cm

Instead of a aftermatch. Children's Art Studies

We are not only interested in the opinion of adult professionals. Within the framework of the project «Art to Children», we asked what young viewers think about the work of Kazimir Severinovich «supreativism: Self-Portrait in two dimensions».

Kazimir Severinovich Malevich. Supretism: Self-Portrait in two dimensions

Supretism: Self-portrait in two meters Kazimir Malevich, 80 × 62 Smseven sisters-twins-the usual first-graders: they do not attend the art studio and until the moment of our communication heard nothing about the «black square». Moreover, it was from the author of Arthiva that they first learned that the depicted portrait. 
«If it is a portrait of a man, then an evil man is drawn. There are many black and many corners, «Sasha said. -and the color of a good man, he-pink. Or a green one.-Why
an evil man at once? She disagreed with her sister Dasha. -There are no sharp corners. If you draw an evil person figures, you need triangles. To see that the man is prickly. And there are no triangles. a black color… Maybe the man is just sad!-sharp
corners-it's already in general! Sasha did not surrender. 
Look, there's a mug here. The circle is exactly kindness,-defended its point of view Dasha. And there's a yellow and blue one. 
«This circle is his eye. The eye of an evil man, «persisted Sasha. «The black one is still more than tha
t.» And if you are ashamed, you can see the clown, «Dasha even stretched the ends of her eyes with her hands. -There are pictures that you need so, especially, to watch. And there's nothing wrong with
it at all. «You just always say, not like me,» said Sasha. «I don'
t say anything like that. You just always say the first, and you do not listen to me,-Dashenka turned away…. Yes,
it is our fault that the girls went from the supretism in the opposite direction and began to look for the work of meanings. Therefore, in communicating with the six-year-old son, the author of Arthiva acted differently. Just showed the picture of Malevich and asked: «What do you see?». The child replied: «Two squares: black and brown; Two rectangles: yellow and black; Blue trapezoid and Brown circle. That is, two circles: Brown and white on top of it. «

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