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Vasily Bychkov: «We have two playgrounds instead of one cdhh»

Fairs and galleries move to the Gostiny Dvor and to the «New Tsdkh» at «Paveletskaya», where the exhibition of Andy Worholatatiana Markon 18 February 2019330 will be opened at the end of April. Collectors Forum and salon «old paper» (to be held from March 5 to 10) will be the latest events related to the…
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In the kitchen at Grikova № 5

What to learn is not necessary, or where it all began.

The story of when and how the artist began to reflect himself as an artist, always poses a question of the environment in which the formation of his personality began. But is it easy in the memoirs to separate the main from the secondary?

«Force field of science and art as a resource of development»

Transdisciplinary Conference with International participation «Force field of science and art as a resource of development» Conference recording is available on click: Https://livestream.com/accounts/735424/events/8558331/player?width=960&height=540&enableInfoAndActivity=true&defaultDrawer=feed&autoPlay=true&mute=false&fbclid=IwAR3V741w_kd4pYJaGTS_m_A3OX-kFyyiuIeeXSItth5IVoT2z1TkBxcIMFU  February 10, 2019, 12.00, old-Stable Lane, D. 39, gallery «А3» «A house divided in itself is not worth it» was said two thousand years ago. Our common house-the House of culture was…
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Friends: Valentin Serov – Konstantin Kororin

Stories of faithful, touching, forgiving, sometimes uneasy, and sometimes difficult to explain friendship between artists in the series «Artiva». It is difficult to imagine two more dissimilar people than Valentin Serov and Konstantin Kororin. Laconic, outwardly sullen, unhurried and thorough Serov. and Korarin-Smiley, a spoiled, extrovert: it would seem that these two were doomed at…
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Teachers They offer… Personal knowledge of how The eye and the hand must act in order to transform the act of vision into a visible thing. Paul Valerie Komardenkov and Egunov were friends. And Stroganoff to them were treated differently: to Egorov-rapturously, Komardenkova Many did not salute. I remember came to Komardenkovu for a lesson,…
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