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October 24-November 25, 2018 It has been three years since «Gogol's House» presented to the general public a thematic exhibition Lion Dyakonitsyn «Reprise», dedicated to the circus. At numerous requests Admirers of the artist's creativity 2018 was marked by a new exhibition of the Master. Exhibition name «Story lines»-exactly and exactly about the works of…
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Sergey Kamensky's Paints

Such pure artistic passion, not distorted by the touch of glory – flame, burning in obscurity – so much impeccable love for art; Such a wise vision of the world; Such a greedy receptivity; -All this is a sample of the artist's life, the sample is no less instructive than the creations of the great…
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Two rare royal portraits of Van Dyck's hand exhibited for sale

 Two rare portraits of Antonis Van Dyck will become the «stars» of the sale of works of Old Masters at Sotheby's in December. These are the images of the eldest children of the British King Charles I, the 11-year-old Prince of Wales (later King Charles II) and his 9-year-old sister Mary Henrietta, who wore the…
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Paintings by Picasso, Rockwell and Gassam from Frank Sinatra's collection will be sold with a hammer

 In December 2018, Sotheby's auction house will hold a series of sales of items from Frank's personal collection and Barbara Sinatra. A hammer would leave hundreds of objects, including jewels, memorabilia related to creativity and politics, as well as paintings by Pablo Picasso, Norman Rockwell, Childs Gassam and the most legendary singer. Left: Barbara Sinatra…
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Gucci fashion house opens portrait Gallery in Instagram

The House of Gucci has got a separate Instagram-account @guccibeauty, which is going to tell about novelties of cosmetics. But as long as there is not a single advertising post, and instead of tubes and vials-pictures of great artists with portraits of beauties and handsome, dressed in fashion of his time. Each post includes a…
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Pictures in the movies. «Mister Decorator»-Jean Delville

 Oleg Teptsova's film «Mister Decorator» became not only a loud debut for its authors, but also introduced to the general public the works of Western European Symbolists. The painting is already inseparable from the graphics and painting of Odlon Redon, Franz von Stuer, Max Klinger, Jean Delville, Arnold Bøklin and other masters, and the visual…
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Portraits in school cabinets: Artists about writers

. Portraits of the great-what schoolboy does not remember them? They greeted us in the offices of «Russian-literature» and music, diluted posters with formulas in the cabinets of physics and chemistry, then hung in the frame of the frames, then collected on a single stand, colored or black-white. Today we nostalgic try to remember those…
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The work of artificial intelligence for the first time will be sold on Christie's

This autumn Christie's will come into history as the first auction house, which tries to sell a piece of art made by artificial intelligence (AI). Printing on canvas — the work of the algorithm developed by the French team Obvious («the obvious») is likely to be included in the sale on October 23 – 25.

Sketches for «Avignon Maidens» by Picasso will be presented at Pushkin Museum

The artwork, from which Cubism began, was the picture of Pablo Picasso «Avignon Maidens.» The artist hatched his plan for years, and then in 9 months he created more than 800 sketches and drawings. Painting-Research, painting-search-the history of its appearance is dedicated to the exhibition-Installation «Anatomy of Cubism», which opens in the Gmia. Pushkin on…
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NFPP to hold an exhibition of works by Alexandra Azovtseva in Vladikavkaz

The exhibition of works by Alexandra Azovtseva, organized by the National Foundation for the support of rightholders (NFPP), will be held in Vladikavkaz in September 2018. The connoisseurs of fine arts will be presented a series of canvases related to Chinese period of creativity of the artist who lived in the environment of Russian emigration…
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