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The Art gallery “Galerie Serge” sees its task to acquaint the spectator with modern art of artists of Russia and abroad in all variety of its manifestations, and also forms own original collection of works of art. The choice of authors and exhibited works for the Art gallery is based on the principles of originality and high quality. We are open to communication and cooperation, and are glad to see you at our exhibition venues and in the Art gallery. In the art gallery “Galerie Serge” You can buy works of painting, graphics, decorative and applied arts of professional artists.

Realistic painting

A collection of realistic pictorial works.

Unrealistic painting

Works of different genres of unrealistic direction


Collection of graphic works, including antiques


Participation and organization of exhibitions of artists.


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Recent recordings

Good question. Why is Pablo Picasso a great artist?

 In the network it is quite common to find a comparison of the works of Pablo Picasso from different periods of his work with comments about degradation, that he “learned”[…]

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“Force field of science and art as a resource of development”

Transdisciplinary Conference with International participation “Force field of science and art as a resource of development” Conference recording is available on click: Https://livestream.com/accounts/735424/events/8558331/player?width=960&height=540&enableInfoAndActivity=true&defaultDrawer=feed&autoPlay=true&mute=false&fbclid=IwAR3V741w_kd4pYJaGTS_m_A3OX-kFyyiuIeeXSItth5IVoT2z1TkBxcIMFU  February 10, 2019, 12.00, old-Stable Lane, D.[…]

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Exhibition of Svetlana Kalistratova “invariants. The intersections. “

02/07/2019 From 7 to 10 February in gallery A3 of the Association “exhibition Halls of Moscow” – exhibition project of Moscow artist Svetlana Kalistratova “invariants and intersections” the author explores[…]

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